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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Fly Right with Drone Insurance

 By Catherine Powell

Image courtesy Pexels

Drones, otherwise known as unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs, have become popular with the military and the public.  As of 2021, more than 800,000 UAVs have been registered  by the FAA in the US alone.  If you're into flying drones for business or pleasure, there are a few things you need to know about liability as a UAV operator. That's because while flying a quadcopter or winged camera platform seems like fun, if this activity causes personal injury or property damage, you could find yourself fined, arrested or sued.  Before your next flight of fancy takes you straight into the danger zone, here's what you need to know.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Why Has Renting a Car Gotten So Complicated?

 By Catherine Powell

Image courtesy Pxhere

Having traveled extensively, I can remember when renting a car was a breeze.  You arrived at your destination, you walked up to the rental car counter, and they handed you the keys.  What could be easier?  Unfortunately, those days are long gone and renting a car today can be a daunting experience.  That's mainly because COVID set the industry back on its heels when travel more or less stopped for a couple of years.  As a result, many rental agencies reduced their inventory to bare bones.  Now that travel is back in full swing again, many car rental agencies are either short of vehicles or they've realized that because of this shortage they have an opportunity to make up for lost time by charging more than they used to.  If you're thinking about renting a car come the holidays, you need to know what to expect.  You also need to understand in advance the kind of fees, surcharges, and other surprise fees you could encounter when you shop for the best deal on a rental car.

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Can Driver-Assist Features Cause Traffic Accidents?

By Catherine Powell

Image courtesy Pixabay

If you own or lease a late model vehicle, chances are it comes equipped with some kind of driver-assist feature that's designed to reduce some of the burden of driving.  While things like cruise control, lane assist, and blind spot monitoring are designed to enhance safety, the more that onboard automation increases, the more likely it is for drivers to allow their attention to wander from the road.  Recent studies by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety indicated that advanced driver-assist features have led some motorists to shirk their responsibility by doing such things as eating, reading or texting instead of keeping their eyes on the road.  This has led to a number of highly publicized accidents that were caused when drivers failed to take control away from automated vehicles when conditions warranted they do so.  Since the amount of onboard automation is only likely to increase in the future, I thought I'd take the time to explain what you need to know to keep automotive safety features from doing exactly the opposite of what they were intended to do.

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

How the Internet of Things is Changing the Face of Insurance

 By Catherine Powell

Image courtesy Pixabay

The Internet of Things, otherwise known as IoT, has made huge inroads into our lives.  All kinds of devices from smart TVs and smart locks to smart appliances have made their way into our homes.  Health-tracking smart watches and bracelets are sported by many people like so much automated jewelry.  Every vehicle that rolls off the assembly line worldwide is chock full of sensors, cameras and GPS trackers that are connected to the cloud.  So prevalent have IoT devices become, that it's predicted by 2025 they will outnumber us six to one.  It should come as no surprise that many of the uses of IoT can go far beyond making our lives more convenient.  They can also be used to change the way in which we access insurance.

How Ghost Jobs Can Come to Haunt You

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