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Monday, August 27, 2018

How to Save on Motorcycle Insurance

By Catherine Powell

Image courtesy pxhere
If you ride a motorcycle and drive a car, you might wonder why motorcycle insurance is so expensive.  Just as with all insurance, the cost is consummate with the risk.  When it comes to motorcycles versus cars, bikes are much riskier since they don’t come equipped with seat belts and crumple zones as do cars.  The risk is compounded yet further if you ride a motorcycle with no helmet. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Making Mobile Home Insurance More Manageable

By Catherine Powell

Image courtesy of flickr
Until a few decades ago, mobile homes were treated like the stepchildren of the real estate industry.  The homes themselves were not built to withstand hurricane-force winds, they were treated as personal property (like a motor-home) rather than real estate, and they were far less energy efficient than comparable homes.  Fortunately, today this is no longer the case.  Modern mobile homes are engineered to withstand winds of up to 110-mph and can be built as energy efficient as traditional homes.  It’s also possible to finance a mobile home as real estate, provided the home and land are both purchased or owned by the homeowner. That being said, there are a few differences when it comes to insuring mobile homes.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

How Much Liability Insurance Does Your Business Need?

By Catherine Powell

Image courtesy of Creative Commons
If you own a business, you realize there’s a certain amount of risk that goes with the territory.  The bigger your business is, the bigger the risks.  That’s because the bigger your business gets, the more chances there are for things to go wrong.  Employees can get injured on the job, customers can sue you, business partners can pass away and data can be stolen.  However, even if you run a small 1-man business from your home, you’re not immune to business liability issues that could quickly put you out of business.  Whether your business is a sole proprietorship with only one employee, or it is a going concern with 100, today’s blog will show you how to determine how much liability insurance your business needs.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

What to do After an Auto Accident

By Catherine Powell

Image courtesy of wikimedia
Into every life, a little rain must fall.  Actually, in Florida, it’s more like a LOT of rain.  Not only does it rain almost every day during the summer in the Sunshine State, but this is the time of year when more accidents happen.  Big surprise there, right?  That being said, if you happen to wind up in an auto accident, here is my list of do’s and don’ts.

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